Which VR Headset is Best for Your Business?


You may be familiar with what VR can do in terms of gaming and immersive entertainment experiences. But, in addition to traveling to new worlds, battling zombies, and learning about other cultures, virtual reality has been an invaluable resource for the business community for many years. From engineering to research, to workplace training, and even customer experience, VR has helped to significantly evolve how businesses operate today. According to a poll commissioned by Grid Raster, nearly 91% of businesses surveyed have or plan to implement AR or VR technology. VR has made branded vr headsets in nearly every industry, and it’s quite possible VR may have influenced your favorite product or service.

So, how does one even get started when evaluating VR opportunities for one’s business? Given the limitless opportunities and solutions VR offers, it can seem like a daunting challenge to find the best solution for your business. Well, the solution really depends on your needs. But, the best place to start may be with the headset, arguably the most important tool in the virtual reality arsenal.

Both HTC VIVE Pro Eye and VIVE Focus Plus are terrific VR headsets for your business.

Not all headsets are built the same, and they can serve very different purposes. Two of the most popular and versatile types of headsets are the PC-based headset (PCVR) and the all-in-one headset. Essentially, PC-based VR headsets are attached to computers via cable (or wirelessly connected via wireless accessory), while standalone or all-in-one (AIO) headsets have all the necessary components housed within the body of the headset. Let’s give you the lowdown on each and how they may work for your business.

PCVR: A VR Headset with Top-End Specs, Precision Tracking, Connected VR

PCVR continues to be a popular choice due to its technical specs. Since the headset is connected to a PC, much of the effort is done by the various parts of the computer; the CPU for speed, the GPU for visual fidelity, and the power supply unit for power. So, in essence, the VR headset taps into the full capabilities of whatever computer it’s connected to offering the best visual fidelity, refresh rate, and rendering quality while enabling the headset to run the most immersive content.

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