What Methods Are Used At An Alcohol Rehab Center


Alcoholism is a disease that affects adults and teens alike. If it strikes your family, you should understand some things about alcohol rehab methods. Alcohol rehab has three facets: Physical, mental and psychological. A good rehab program should encompass all three of these.

Physically, the patient feels that he/she needs the alcohol to deal with life in general. The patient feels he cannot go without it and becomes physically dependent on the alcohol.
Mentally, the patient thinks that nobody cares about them anyway, so why not just fade away into the blankness of the feeling alcohol provides. Psychologically, the patient believes that he thinks clearer when they are drunk. Hence, the intention is to stay that way.

Alcohol rehab can treat the patient in several ways, including pharmaceutically, holistically or naturally. There are a few Christian faith-based programs that show merit as well. All people are different with different levels of their dependencies, so which one works is dependent on the patient. It is important to realize that the only way the rehab will stick is if the patient himself wants to change. If the patient is reluctant to keep clean, he probably won’t.

First thing is detoxification to cleanse the body of Drug and Alcohol Rehab and decrease the craving for it. This is usually done through the use of prescription drugs with extensive monitoring. Some centers employ a natural or holistic detox.

Then the ticket is individual, group and behavioral counseling. This is where the patient is taught first to admit that they have a problem and then how to live an alcohol free life. Admittance goes a long way towards rehabilitation. The patient needs to affirm out loud that they do indeed have a problem.

Alcohol rehab can rely on prescription drugs and techniques, holistic or natural methods. Which one is used will depend on each patient and their readiness to embrace such a therapy. No matter how good a rehab program might be, only the patient’s cooperation can produce a successful rehabilitation.

In-patient and detoxification are intense programs. Partial alcohol rehab programs are also known as partial hospitalization programs (PHP). Partial alcohol rehab programs are performed on a half-day basis, where the patient enters the facility either in the morning or in the evening.

There are short-term alcohol rehab programs that can last from 7 to 28 days. These are full-time rehab programs performed inside a rehab facility.

Along with all of this, the one factor that can really bring someone out of the darkness of alcoholism is love. As long as they know that someone loves them, they have hope. Hope brings strength and strength brings success. This is not an easy process, so your love and support is critical to the patient’s success. Family support is an extremely crucial element in the rehab of a loved one.

Whatever method is used in the rehab center will depend on each individual. One may respond to prescription drugs for detox while another may find power in prayer while yet another finds a cure in getting healthy for the sake of their child or spouse. In any event, all must confess the problem to find the solution.


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