What Does a Full Service Real Estate Company Offer?


Here are some things to think about.

Today’s housing market is an interesting one indeed. A few years ago, the boom enabled people to sell their places before the sign hit the yard. There were bidding wars that drove the prices up even higher than the asking price. Properties sold in minutes or hours. This was an unusual market. A more normal time frame for the selling process is a couple of months, at least.

Now on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we have today’s market. Due to a slew of foreclosures or those sold on the auction block due to tax lien defaults and don’t forget short sales, values and prices have dipped substantially, as well.

One might think that it would be wise to save on the Realtor’s commission by selling it without an agent. Are those thousands of dollars really worth it? Here are some of the services that a full service Ambergris Caye Real Estate company offers:

– Signs: A high quality yard sign will list the agent’s website, phone number and the broker’s name. A sign advertises the property every day that passersby stroll or drive past.

– MLS listing: MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. This is a crucial tool to get the word out about dwellings for sale. Information listed includes how old the house is, the square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, whether there is a pool, a garage and more. Photos should accompany this listing in order to draw interest.

– Professional photos: Without photographs, a flyer or advertisement will most likely go unnoticed. A professional photographer will know how to capture the home in the most flattering light and angles. This is an important marketing tool!

– A website: A full service real estate company will have a well-designed website to show off the properties for sale. A discount company or a “for sale by owner” will have a hard time competing with this method for getting the word out.

– Negotiating skills: It’s not always easy to negotiate a satisfactory contract between buyer and seller. This is a touchy business deal which requires a savvy negotiator in order to end up with a win-win situation for everyone. Selling one’s own home tends to be an emotional transaction. Best to have a knowledgeable third party at the helm of this ship.

– Network: A Realtor will have a network of associates who will also be showing the house to potential buyers. With an agency, there is a team of professional on your side.

It’s a difficult housing market and to move a property to the “sold!” status, it takes an experienced and determined team of pros. A full service real estate company has the tools and personnel needed to sell homes.


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