Wearing Polymer Clay Art


Women aren’t restricted to commercial jewelry anymore. Many women are wearing custom made jewelry they have made themselves, purchased at local art fairs or exchanged with friends. It is a creative outlet that has become more popular in recent years as more women (and men!) find jewelry making to be an exciting hobby. It can be a new endeavor to pass the relaxing hours of retirement or a pleasant outlet after a busy day at the office.

Jewelry can be a type of polymer clay art using this colorful, malleable clay that is ideal for small art projects. The clay is inexpensive and comes in a variety of colors. It is odorless and safe for children too. Storage is no problem since it does not require any special treatment.

Learning how to use polymer clay Jewellery Findings Nz is relatively easy. Kneading the clay softens it for use. It can be molded and manipulated like one would expect. It is so easy to be creative with this clay. Even if you don’t get it right the first time, it’s a snap to just roll yourself back to square one and begin again.

Don’t worry about color! Your jewelry can be created using an unlimited number of colors. Despite the fact that you buy the clay in a specific set of colors – red, yellow, blue, etc. – you can mix those colors to create a myriad of different combinations. Just like the painter mixes paint, the clay can be blended in your hands to create new colors! Your FIMO clay projects will be unique in both design and color. Experiment to create new and creative colors. One package of clay can unleash all of the colors of the rainbow.

When you are done with your project, creating a permanent piece is easy with FIMO clay. You don’t need a kiln to harden the clay. Just pop your project in your kitchen oven and it will harden in just a shorten period of time. Let it cool and you have your jewelry ready to wear.

Now that you have created an original piece, you can add matching earrings, a necklace or a broach. Since the leftover clay can be saved, blended and reused, you can create more matching jewelry on your own schedule. By measuring your color mixtures, you will have no problem recreating the color schemes of the pieces you have already made.



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