Uses of Woodwick Candles at Home


Candles have outgrown the earlier trend of light sources and have now moved towards decorative purposes. The candles are made out of different waxes rather than the earlier used paraffin wax. Eco-friendly candles are found in different shapes and sizes. They have beautiful designs and decorations on them. They are used for various occasions, in different manners.

The wood wick candle is a modern day candle. This candle differs from the rest because emphasis is laid on the wax and wick that is used. As the name suggests the wood wick candle has its wick made of wood. The wick itself has a very characteristic appeal. The wick tends to crackle as it burns. This crackling sound brings back fond memories of fire places in the cold winters and the warmth that fire brings. The wood wick by itself emits a very woody and pine aroma. This has an instant appeal to those who have grown up around the woods!

Another difference in this candle as compared to the paraffin candles is the wax that is used. Wood wick candles are primarily scented candles. Scented candle use bee wax and natural soy wax. Vegetable oil wax is also used at time. Bee wax is very hard to come across and hence is extremely expensive. However bee wax has the sweetest smell of all. So the candle is made up of a mixture of bee wax and soy wax to save on money. There are other natural and artificial fragrances added to the wax to give it a complete aroma therapy feel!

Wood wick candle are used to decorate the house. The candle itself has such beautiful designs that one would not have the heart to burn it. It makes perfect corner table ornaments. Apart from the candle, you can even purchase dream like candle stands to enhance the beauty. The candle draws plenty of attention can just add some glamour and personality to the room. These candles can be set up on your coffee table or dining table. They go very well with tables having a wooden finish!

Lighting wood wick candles in the dark nights can also be very comforting. If you are afraid of the dark then the crackling sound can calm your nerves.

There is no real requirement to buy these candles. You can do so only because you are fond of these candles or because they have caught your eye.

If you want to get the feel of being at a camp fire but you cant actually attend one live, you can just use a wood wick candle as a substitute. It will be like having your own little mini camp fire in your room.

It can be used as aroma therapy while bathing or used to set up a mood for an occasion. You can use it to lend its aroma after your dog has dirtied the area.



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