Tips While Approaching a Consultant!


The profession of consultancy services is one area where in one can find all kinds of people. There are many fraudulent people involved in the business who fake as being authorized personnel and an expert in their domain. This has led to a negative impact on the industry making an image of being fraudulent in the minds of the customers.

The situation is similar when it comes to the immigration industry. So, in order to prevent yourself from being a prey to a fraud immigration consultant, you must ensure the following:


  • Authorization – Find out if your Immigration Consultant Victoria is an authorized one or not. Ask him if he is a practicing lawyer or only a registered consultant or both. In case, he is not registered; question him on how he would deal with the critical aspects pertaining to the case or represent your application with the relevant Government agencies.
  • Professional Experience – Get to know about his background and his track record. He should have had a successful track record specifically with reference to cases similar to yours. Check and question him on the same.
  • Refusals – Find out about the numbers of applications that have been rejected. Clarify on the reasons for the same.
  • Fee and other charges – Clarify the monetary aspects in advance itself to avoid any hassles. Ask for the details of the payment and how does he expect it to be paid. If there are any extra charges that you are to pay, you should be informed of it in advance.
  • Testimonials – Ask for testimonials along with the contact details of his previous clients. If he provides you with the relevant details, it proves his credibility as a consultant. However, make sure that you contact the referred people provided by the consultant to verify that the consultant is genuine.


All in all, a consultant is the one who is always updated with regards to the visa and immigration processes. So, he plays a very important role ensuring that you obtain your visa without any hassles. Therefore, it is of key importance that your representative is right!


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