Sports Photography Tips – Learn How To Take Better Sports Photos


Sports is one of the subjects that are great for photography. With action-packed scenes as well as predictable and unpredictable events, you can indeed take great pictures in sports. However, it is also one of the areas in photography that can be quite a challenge.

The many movements in sports may cause blurred photos and taking pictures of indoor games may result to dark backgrounds but if you learn a few sports photography tips, you can actually learn how to take perfect sports pictures.

Here are a few tips that you can learn to help you take better sports pictures.

– Bring the necessary equipment for taking sports pictures. Be ready with different lens that allow you to choose from depending on the type of sports that you want to cover as well as the location and the changing weather elements. Of course, by fully equipped and prepared, you can also be ready with any type of factors that may haunt your good sports photography.

– Find the best location for your shooting. One of the important elements in taking great sports photos is your location. Of course, being in a location that allows you to take great angles or angles that are different to the usual view is one good thing in taking sports pictures, thus be ready before the action starts and get the best location you can.

– Avoid using flash especially if not needed. Flash may not be allowed in most sports especially in instances when flash from cameras can distract the players. Moreover, another reason to avoid flash is that, it takes time for the camera to process photos with flash and that may give you a lag time before you can take the next picture, which can be a waste of time in sports photography where action is continuous.

– Take plenty of pictures as possible. In this time of digital photography, you don’t have to think about running out of film so take plenty of pictures. In fact, one of the good sports photography tips to remember is to set your camera to a rapid shooting mode to be able to capture important moments and actions in the sports event.

– Practice how to shoot sports subjects that allow you to use blur in the surroundings. You may have seen great photos of car racing or marathon that focus on a subject but with a blurred background, which shows action and give the pictures energy. Yes, you can also practice that before the game starts by adjusting shutter speed. Of course, it would be a lot better if you practice that days before the sports event and make sure to be able to produce the great effect with every sports action that you want to shoot.

– Increase your ISO when shooting sports events especially if you are shooting it indoors and especially if there is no good lighting available. Remember however that the higher ISO can also add noise to your photos so make sure to test your camera and take note of the best ISO level that will give you perfect pictures.

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