Sports Injury Treatment – How This Can Help You


Sports injuries are very common in sports. Every sports personality is prone to injuries. Sports injuries refer to the kinds of injury that are occurred while involved in sporting activities. Mostly the musculoskeletal system will be injured. The ultimate and foremost thing to do after getting injured is to prevent further injury. Further activity must be halted and look for the cause of the injury. It will be better to treat the injury once when the cause is known. The first aid treatment must be given before going to the doctor.

The first treatment for most of the acute injuries is to reduce the swelling. This may also because of the internal bleeding. This will cause immense pain on the injured area and limit the use the muscles. Acute injuries will make the limbs unable to lift any weight and inability of move the injured part. Chronic injuries Running Analysis London mostly result due to the overuse of one area of the body over a period of time. The symptoms are pain, soreness.

The immediate treatment after an injury includes the following steps. They are
o Rest: Rest is to stop the ongoing activity and giving the tissues time to heal.
o Ice: Applying ice on the injured area to keep the muscles cool.
o Compression: This helps in reducing the swelling on the injured part. This can be done by wrapping an elastic bandage or wrap around.
o Elevation: This is to raise the body part against the gravitational pull so as to reduce the blood flow and swelling.

Never apply heat to chronic injuries as they may increase the blood flow and never apply ice to acute injuries. Now the heat and cold therapies come into play. Ice therapy will be lot more useful and its effects are:

o It reduces swelling
o It reduces inflammation
o It decreases the blood flow
o Produces a numb effect thus reducing in pain

Cold therapy can be used till 3 days of a fresh injury. If it has no effect, then doctors have to be consulted. Ice can be applied several times per day. But it should not applied more than 15 minutes. There should be regular interval of time between the ice packs. And ice should never be in touch with the skin directly. Ice packs must be applied.

Some of the effects of heat therapy are:

o Increases blood flow
o It reduces the tightening of muscles
o Reduces joint stiffness
o It gives pain relief
o Gives flexibility to the surrounding tissues

Heat therapy can be applied after 4 or 5 days following a traumatic injury. This helps in faster healing and must be used with a warm towel. This should be applied for a maximum of 15 minutes. Take great care to avoid sleeping on heating pads as they may lead to injury.

Another important treatment is not to lose hope on getting injured. No sports person may like injuries which prevent them from participating. Have your dream and set goals. Do regular exercises and consult the physician. Spend time with your team mates and make your presence. Such an environment will cure you sooner then expected.


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