Selling Property Without An Agent


Whenever a person tries to sell a property, there are different ways of doing it. Earlier, this was done through real estate agents or through advertisements of the property in the newspaper. The seller used to advertise in the newspaper and the buyers could contact him either directly or through agents. But, now the trend has changed. More and more property owners are trying to sell their property on their own. This has become easier because of the Internet. The internet has now provided a means for buyers and sellers of property to directly deal with each other.

Let us now analyze the pros and cons of both methods of property dealings:

1. The expense involved: When an agent is involved, both the owner and the buyer need to pay commission to the agent. Whereas in the case of an online deal the owner just needs to pay a nominal fee for listing on the site. So, the expense involved in this method is lower.

2. Client Base Reach: When an agent is involved, the number of clients is restricted to clients registered with him whereas in the other method unlimited clients can be reached. Listing Realtor Tucson property on online portals also breaks geographical barriers.

3. Effort Involved: When an online agent is involved, the efforts of the owner are reduced as compared to the case when the owner himself looks for buyers.

4. Marketing of property: When an agent is involved, the owner is totally at his mercy, regarding the marketing tactics used, whereas using online methods, the owner himself markets his property. He can upload descriptions about the property. He can also upload pictures on the site which give a better idea about the property to the clients.

5. Inspection of the property: Compared to an agent, an owner is in a better position to show his property to the clients. This is because an owner can give a personal touch and highlight the special features of his property. Even if an agent is involved, many a time the owner ends up showing the property to the clients as there are chances of disinterested customers.

6. Negotiation: Whenever any deal is being negotiated between two parties, it is best to avoid middlemen. Therefore for finalising the deal between the owner and the buyer it is better to avoid the agent.

As we can see, the benefits of avoiding agents outweigh its drawbacks. Sale of property by the owner has become very easy because there are numerous property listing websites available. The sites are user-friendly. Listing property is a simple process.

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