Producing Canvas Prints From Photos – An Eye Catching Yet Simple Way to Decorate Your Home


If you are looking for a way to give the interior of your home a fresh, new look then you may want to consider purchasing some artwork. If you can afford it, you can buy painting painting from photo done by well known artists or choose modern abstracts at a nearby art studio, but for most of us, these options are out of the question due to the high costs involved.

One of the greatest ways to jazz up any room, be it the living area, bedroom, kitchen or bath, is to have some canvas prints from photos made to hang on your walls. You can turn your personal photographs into works of art for a fraction of what you would have to pay for artwork at a studio or gallery. You can use any photo you wish, as long as it is sharp and clear. Take the photos of your family, the newly married pair, your old school gang, your children or favourite pet and transform them into stunning works of art that are sure to draw complements. If you are a wildlife photographer, think of how great your nature shots would look blown up and hanging inside your home!

Canvas prints from photos can be ordered on the internet from any one of several online retailers who specialise in taking photos and putting them on canvas. There are many sizes to choose from and you normally have several styles to select from as well. For example, some companies sell rolled canvas art prints which are flexible, allowing you to frame them yourself. There is also a mounted variety available in which the print extends only to the edge of the frame – leaving the sides of the frame visible. The most common style is the standard wrapped variety in which the outer edge of the printed photo extends around the the sides of the included frame.

The process of ordering is quite straight forward. You only need to upload your photo to the website and then you are asked to crop it in any manner you see fit. Once you are happy with how the photo looks, you simply pay for your order and sit back so that the professionals can take over from there. A large format printer will be used to transfer the image onto the surface of high quality canvas. It is then fitted to the frame size you chose and mailed to you when done.

Some of the companies who offer personalised canvas prints allow you to be very creative with your photos. For example, you can take a colour photograph and ask to have to turned to black and white or you could take a portrait and have it changed into an art deco type of print that is very reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s work.

If you are on a decorating budget, and many people are these days, ordering canvas prints from photos is a wonderful way to save some money when freshening up your home. If you are in the habit of giving gifts to friends and families to mark special occasions these printed pieces of personalised art are perfect and are sure to be treasured.


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