Perfect Geek Gifts For the Geeks of Your Life


Geeks are a special breed of people who would rather sit around a desk talking incessantly about how cool the latest version of Safari is, instead of discussing what they did over the weekend. Shopping for gifts for this elite club can either be a long, confusing journey or a fun, entertaining discovery. Read on to make sure your geek life are truly a hit.

Fortunately, there are plenty of gift ideas that would make the perfect Christmas gift to the geeks of your life. So get ready to explore the geek community. Many stores as well as shopping websites offer good discounts during the Christmas season on some of the newest desk toys, cool gadgets, and geek toys. What gift you choose will also depend on how well you know the individual that you are buying it for.

If your geeky friend cannot be separated from their books, you could think about getting them some of the latest computer books. These will prove to be very handy as a reference as well as for general knowledge. But then again, be forewarned: “bookish” geeks devour ridiculously large amounts of books, so if you mistakenly buy him or her something that they have already read, or something that is so “commonly-read”, then that’s a recipe for disaster! So, to avoid this kind of shopping faux pas, before buying them any books, make sure to take a look at their bookshelf first (if they have one), or take a peek at their “e-book” collection.

Computer magazine subscriptions can also be very appealing gifts, as they make great sources of hardware and software reviews and how-to guides. With plenty of shopping sources for computer “main components” (i.e., motherboards, SATA hard drives, shell casings, etc.) and “accessories” (mice, keyboards, cooling systems for components that can easily overheat, high-capacity external disks, portable/mobile disks, and also memory cards with oodles of bytes are some examples) that are reviewed in just one issue of a computer magazine, it’s no wonder that most geeks have at least one subscription! Most computer magazines also showcase the previous year’s “bests” in various categories, from computer games to whole computer units, so that alone is already a “Best-buy Guide” for your geek friend.

Now in the case of “gadget geeks” of the cell phone kind, going shopping for cutting-edge, new age cell phones will be a great idea. Since the market is being bombarded with new cell phone models all the time, cell phone gadgets are always a good choice. One word stands out among all of them, though: iPhone! Perhaps it’s about time that you bought your favorite geek one… You’ll be instant best friends.

You could also get innovative and try your hand at other gifts. Geeks love geek t-shirts (there are a slew of them with different “themes” to choose from, ranging from the “Albert Einstein” to “Ancient Geeks” and “math geek” to the “Engineer Inside, Idiots Outside” or “I See Idiots” stuff) or other accessories – such as mugs, pens, and other stuff – that spell “g-e-e-k”. You could try getting them posters of the things that they are absolutely nuts about. The more unique these items are, the more they will be highly appreciated — especially if these items elicit shrieks of laughter from your geek buddy’s other friends and acquaintances!


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