Making Use of Your IWB When Teaching Science


With the use of interactive whiteboards, often abbreviated as IWB, teachers are able to involve students in the lessons more than ever. For science teachers, the world of science can be totally opened up with the use of these whiteboards in the classroom. This allows teachers to begin using multi media and interactive lessons that will help students to become engaged in learning. There are a variety of different techniques that teachers can use in science class. Here are a few great techniques and strategies to consider to make the most of your whiteboard in science class.

One of the techniques that you can use in science class with your interactive whiteboard is brainstorming. These whiteboards can be used in the class to brainstorm as an entire class. Then the information is put up on the board and it can be stored as well. Instead of having to worry about recording notes, students are better able to pay attention during the brainstorming sessions and they feel more inclined to participate.

Interactive lessons can also be used with your IWB in science class. When you are teaching various lessons on science, it is easy to access a lot of great Data Science Course in Pune with the whiteboard and you can easily display it to the entire class. You can use web based learning centers and more smoothly keep the attention of the entire class.

You’ll find that problem based learning activities can easily be completed on the whiteboards as well. Science teachers can set up a problem activity and then have the entire class work on it together. One type of activity is one where students pretend to be detectives and try solving crimes. Information can be displayed on the board for the entire class to use, students are able to solve the crime together as an activity which enhances social interactions, promotes discussions to enable team building.

Of course, when discussing science issues in the classroom, the IWB can once again come in handy. Teachers are able to use real time data, interactive media, websites that are interactive. This allows them to compare and contrast various points of view on certain concepts of science. This new technology makes it much easier for a science teacher to incorporate online resources into the classroom, helping students to learn even more and to keep them engaged in the lesson along with encouraging critical thinking processes within the classroom.


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