Kidney Stone: Some Facts and Measures to Prevent Propensity


Stones form in kidneys primarily due to the gradual reduction of citric acid in the blood. This leads to the formation of a bond between calcium and ‘oxalate’, which we know usually as kidney stone. Again when uric acid increases in the blood, such solid mass of tiny crystals in the kidney may also form. But, Calcium kidney stones are very common, especially in the age group of 20 to 30 years. Generally, men are the victims of this type. There are other types of kidney stones than these two. They are Cystine stones and Struvite stones. Cystine stones have close kinship with ‘Cystinuria’ which is caused by too much accumulation of amino acid in the body while Struvite stones attack the women primarily due to urinary tract infection.

In some cases, particularly in Cystine stones, this disease runs in families. But, in most cases, food habit and life-style are the causes behind this disease. So, if people put a check-lid over their unrestrained inclination and ABM tools indulgence over these, they can keep their both kidneys safe. One thing is very important and must be borne in mind that once kidneys grow stones, they will be repetitively attacked, because such stones come back again and again and form their convenient shapes therein. This propensity is popularly known as ‘Hypercalciuria’ and ‘Hyperoxaluria’.

Endoscopy surgery is commonly prescribed to remove kidney stones. In this surgical method, a microscopic incision is cut and the stones are removed out of the kidneys. Physicians select either hip area of the body or the urinary tract for the surgery, whichever of them they think to be more appropriate. After the successful surgery if it is found that stones are repeatedly coming back or the disease still persists; surgeons refer the case then to the medicine doctors or Urologists. This clearly proves the truth that kidney stones are removable with the help of proper medication. Commonly, these doctors prescribe medicines which are rich in citric acid, potassium and vitamin B6.

Those who are suffering from this trouble should know that this disease is completely curable, either by surgery or medicines or both. On the other hand, those who are feeling pains while urinating or blood flows in drip during urination must consult an expert urologist. At the same time, a wholesome food habit should be practiced. Meat, tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, spinach, etc. should be eaten with restrictions while everyone should ensure that 2 liter of water and 200 to 250 ml of orange juice or lemon juice are taken every day. 30 minute of physical exercise can keep the body fit to a considerable degree.


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