How To Find Ideal Learning Centres – Four Factors You Ought To Consider


Choose Good Tuition Centres

Looking for good tuition centres? There are way too many in Singapore to count. Do you know which is effective? Is the learning environment a conducive one? Do the tutors really care for their students? Well, I believe these are the questions that most parents will ask when in the hunt for a tuition centre in Singapore.

Here are 4 critical questions you should ask.

1) Do the centre’s tutors keenly seek feedback?

Passionate tutors from worthy secondary school chinese tuition centres invariably ask their students for feedback to determine if there is a need to modify their teaching style. Tutors who are interested in their students’ responses are normally more dutiful and possess a greater willingness to help individual students. Apart from this, it is not easy for weaker students to figure out concepts by themselves. If a tutor has the potential to help the student to recognise his/her problems successfully, they can push them quickly on to the next level.

2) Is the tutor qualified?

Parents must trust the tutor to whom they have entrusted their child. This is extremely important as the final grade of your children will be dependent on the specific class tutor, and no other centre staff. As a coarse gauge, we believe a tutor ought to be at the minimum two educational levels above his/her student.

3) Are there any worthy tuition centres close by?

This is not so important if you have found a really superb centre which you fully trust.

Even with that said, if your child can reduce the traveling time going to the centre, he/she can much more productively make use of the precious time to pore over his/her homework. For this reason, it is by and large good practice to use centres that happen to be located nearby, or easy to reach by means of public transport.

4) Does the tuition centre have a comprehensive exam revision plan for your child?

To assist your child to gain increased confidence on managing the imminent examinations, do question the tutors on how they offer to prime their students for it! The truth is, many underperformers are actually very competent in their content knowledge. They however tragically lack the techniques and confidence required to finish the whole paper in the given time while giving on-point and correct responses.

And so, if you are seeking to enroll your child in a results-proven, reliable learning centre which has small class sizes (guaranteed maximum of 8 students per class), and staffed exclusively by experienced tutors, look no further than Private Tuition.


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