How to convince a loved one to go into rehab voluntarily?


As you are now aware, involuntary admission is not legal nor is it an effective method of treatment. However, that doesn’t mean you give up hope and not seek treatment for your loved one. The most important thing you can do is help them realize that they need help for their drug addiction issues and that they need to voluntarily seek help. Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do when trying to get your loved one to a rehabilitation centre.

A very popular method of getting someone to see reason is to hold an intervention. An intervention is a carefully planned meeting of friends and family, which could also have a professional treatment of addictions such as a licensed alcohol and drug counsellor involved. During the intervention, friends and family will confront the loved one in a kind manner about the consequences of addiction and request him or her to accept treatment. It is important to note that a carelessly planned intervention can worsen a situation where the person with SUDs may feel ambushed or attacked.

Signs that you may need rehab treatment

If you have addiction issues, then chances are that your friends or your loved ones may have pointed it out to you. However, if that is not the case or that you are not convinced by them then here are some of the signs that may indicate that it is time to admit yourself into a rehab program.

You are having financial troubles – Your drug use is so out of hand that your savings have dwindled to the extent that you are financially broke.

You have run into trouble at work – Your drug use has led to a drop in productivity at work or at the worse loss of job.

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