How to Buy DVD Wholesale – Here is What You Need to Know


DVDs sell for an average of 5-20.  The demand for them is extremely high.  How much will you spend buying wholesale DVDs?

You will spend a few dollars each maybe less if you buy in large bulk.  This is a large volume business.

You will be more successful if you specify a niche like cooking DVDs or music DVDs and become knowledgeable of them.

Pirated and bootleg DVDs are getting slicker so in order to tell if you have an original:

-look at the price

-Typically anyone that says their product is Region free or Region 0 has bootlegs.  Major studio labels have Region specified product only.

-If your supplier is in Taiwan or Hong Kong the chances are higher that it is fake.

-Special features – latest dvds often are  special features.

Focus on marketing because this is a volume business you want your customers to buy again and again.  It also helps

if you specify a certain market or hard to find titles.

Increase your margins on shipping.  Most wont notice a .20 increase but this will help your overall profit.

I charge 6.99 for shipping in the US using First Class Mail.  My listing price starts at .99 but I choose only hot titles.  If I buy and sell 50 of these movies in 1 day, that is around $450 for one day’s work.

Are you a film buff, a casual moviegoer, or are you the type who prefers soap operas and television dramas? But whether you like movies or television dramas, chances are you’ve probably bought a DVD player at some point in your life. Some people buy DVD Player and DVD Movies of their preferred genres, some buy it for the sake of patronizing the work of their favorite actors or filmmakers.

DvD players and DVD simply for entertainment purposes, and there’s nothing more disappointing than expecting to see a quality film/show but end up with something that’s not worth your buck. DVDs are becoming cheaper nowadays, probably because of this little innovation they call Blu-Ray, so it’s not uncommon for everyday shoppers to pick up a DVD while doing their groceries. But this impulse buying of DVD might prove to be more expensive than you originally thought it would be. Without having done a sliver of research, you might end up owning a DVD you wish you could return to the store.


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