How to Approach Girls at Bars and Clubs


Most guys suck at meeting girls at bars and clubs. When I say this, I’m not saying they do it poorly. What I’m saying is they don’t do it at all. They freeze up, get paralyzed and are unable to approach a girl no matter what. Those who do somehow manage to approach a girl, tend to bomb catastrophically. From this intro you might conclude I’m trying to scare you away from approaching girls at bars and clubs. Actually, no, not at all! The truth is that they all don’t know these 2 simple tricks I’m about to share with you. Anyone I’ve shared them with, has had success.

Trick 1 – For a Friend Technique

I could go into many details about why guys tend to fail at bars and clubs Brewery Bellingha, but I’ll just try to summarize it shortly. Most of it has to do with being too reactive on what the girls says. They care too much if the girl will respond well or not, and too scared of a rejection. This causes all kinds of problems such as being all nervous and weird when you do approach the girl (if you do manage to). All of this is easily overcome with my cute little technique. Instead of approaching girls you like, approach the girl that your friend likes. What do I mean? Do each other favors… I’m of course assuming you two have different tastes. If you do, this is a super easy tactic as it will usually be a girl you have no interest in. So its simple, you approach the girl in your friend’s name, and ask her if she’d like you to introduce them two. You have no idea how easy this approach is. Even if she’s not interested in your friend, you’ve just approached a woman, and you now feel great. You’re now on a roll. Even if she says no, you can introduce yourself to her friends before you exit… and guess what? You now have new acquaintances for the next time you enter this bar!

Trick 2 – Just being friendly Technique

This is a more advanced technique as it requires you changing your mindset. With this technique you actually approach women just to be social. When I say this, I mean genuinely, truly only interested in just making friends and being social. You have to completely shut down that part of you that wants to get laid. You have to convince yourself that you’re perfectly satisfied and let’s say happily married, or something like that. You’re only introducing yourself to people to expand your network and socialize with new people. This is your only goal. What will happen if you do this right is that all women will open up to you and be social like they’ve known you for years. Note, if you do this right, you should be talking to everyone, not just girls you’re attracted to. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.


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