How Do You Use a League of Legends Script?


This will depend on the League of Legends script that you are using.

The best scripts will always have a membership option. This is because the script developers need to continually work on their scripts to ensure that they remain undetectable (more on that soon).

The best scripts will always be dead-simple to use. They are nothing more than an executable that you download and run. You will do this before you load up League of Legends.

Once the League of Legends script is running, you can boot up the game. The various features that the script offers will then be accessible from within LOL. Accessing them shouldn’t be too difficult. The best scripts will always have hotkeys that you can use. For example, with LOL Script, you can open up the menu by hitting the left shift button or launch a minion final strike with the X key.

Each time you boot up League of Legends, you will need to run the script again. It won’t be long before it becomes second nature.

Can’t You Get Banned For Using a League of Legends Script?

It depends.

With poorly designed League of Legends LoL Script then yes as the team at Riot Games is always working to detect scripts. They don’t want cheaters playing their games, and they are very ban happy. They don’t care if you have spent a ton of money with them. There are no second chances here.

The best scripts are those that work on a subscription basis i.e. you pay a little bit per month to use it. This allows script developers to have a source of income so they can work hard to ensure that their LOL Scripts remain undetectable by Riot’s anti-cheat software.

Always make sure that you follow any instructions for any script that you use. This will lower the chances of the script being detected.

If you are going to be using a League of Legends script, then we suggest that you avoid using it on your main account e.g. one that you have spent thousands of dollars on. While the chances of a good script being detected are close to zero, we are positive that you won’t want to take that risk. You should always try to have these scripts running on smurf accounts only.

What Is The Best League of Legends Script?

There are a lot of League of Legends scripts out there. The best and the most popular is LOL Script. This is the most feature-complete script out there, and it is the only one that is guaranteed to be undetectable by Riot’s anti-cheat software. Many LOL players, including some top players, are already using this very script. You wouldn’t even know it. Riot doesn’t even know it.

If you subscribe and download LOL Script, then you will be getting the edge over your competitors. This is the quickest way to inject a bit of fun into the game without having to spend hundreds of hours dithering around practice mode or putting up with smurfs near the bottom ranks.

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