FourSquare Marketing – Making Location Based Marketing Part of Your Business Campaign


Many people might have read that the location-based services are going to explode big during 2011. So, the challenge now is to find a way to convert the excitement of a new craze into something helpful to generate data that we can evaluate and then act on. This brief guide was prepared to highlight how you can utilize FourSquare Marketing in your 2011 campaign.

Foursquare is really a location-based game which asks gamers to utilize their mobile phone to check-in at any locations they go to during the day. The users get points whenever they check-in and will be able to share these points with friends who they are connected to on Foursquare and also their Twitter and Facebook accounts. As soon as players complete specific tasks on Foursquare, these people will be awarded with badges. When player checks in the most for certain location then this will ranked them as the mayor for that place, which means that their user profile name and picture will be shown to everybody who checks in at that place.

How to use Foursquare

Offer promotions and discounts to individuals who check-in! When you offer ABM tools discount codes to people who check out your company or perhaps a location nearby this will generate more business This is actually an inexpensive way to get customers.

Look for your brand supporters

Once individuals check in they can leave comments about their location. Check out these comments in order to get a genuine feedback about how users see your brand. Foursquare offers location owners lots of information about check-ins associated with their company.

Reward Loyalty

A good example of this is when Starbucks rewarded the mayors for each branch with the opportunity to receive $1 off coffee daily. In addition to getting a lot of media coverage, the campaign incentivized individuals to check out Starbucks with the hope of becoming the subsequent mayor, therefore escalating the amount of mentions which appeared in news feeds and also increasing communication with the brand.

Connect with complimentary brand names

In case you own a product, you could offer special samples or versions to anyone who checks-in at certain locations. For instance, if you are promoting moisturizer for men, you could offer free samples at specific hair salons or gyms. By doing this, you are increasing product awareness amongst your target market.


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