Essential features of a travel business portal


Gone are the days of spending days or months planning the perfect trip. Today, you don’t have to stand in line to buy a transport ticket or wander around to find the best hotel to stay. The travel industry has already switched from offline to online mode several years ago. Travelers are now ready to write their travel wish list, and it is the responsibility of the travel agency business to make their wishes come true.

You need travel booking software to run a successful travel agency business. Your software should be smart and advanced to facilitate the booking process for transportation tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc. But who wants to travel somewhere with the responsibility of taking care of other activities?

If you are planning to start a travel agency, here are the must-have features of a travel agency software.

Profile creation and booking process
The process of creating a profile on a travel portal should be easy. Allows multiple profile creation options such as creating using email id, social media or mobile phone number. Creating a profile is the first action a user takes in society to book a ticket.
The booking process should be easy and short. Avoid asking for too many details on the ticket booking form, as this may divert users to another travel agency portal to save time.

With a smooth booking process, customers will come back again and again to book their tickets.

Custom packaging options
When it comes to travel, travel packages are one of the important features. People today are very picky about travel accommodations, activities and food. Providing the option to add or subtract several activities from your travel package will help your customers to purchase the best travel package according to their requirements.
Offering limited travel packages doesn’t give customers a dream vacation. Gone are the days when people are used to making travel plans based on the availability of tour packages from travel agencies. Personalized experiences will draw you back to your travel agent software for the best possible travel experience.

Also offer multiple packages for specific destinations, varying days, hotel stays, participation in local and cultural activities, and more. While purchasing travel agency software, make sure you are hiring an experienced company.

payment method
The payment process is the final step in purchasing products and services. Give your customers payment flexibility. We offer a variety of payment options, such as third-party payment applications, payment apps, and the use of credit or debit cards.
Now that everything is digital and fast, the payment process needs to be fast and secure. Customers will add their personal and banking details, and transactions should be secure for both you and your customers. Maintaining multiple payment options helps international travelers book tickets or hotels without problems.

The more options you offer, the more audience you can attract. You can hire a software development service to build your travel agency software from scratch, or you can buy a white label travel solution like MakeMyTrip from them.

Multilingual and Currencies
How frustrating would it be to translate each word into the local language? You will have a wider audience while running your travel agency. Your travel agency should be for people from all over the world. It is your responsibility to provide a personalized and enriching experience to every visitor.
To attract an international audience, travel agency software should feature support for multiple languages and currencies. These features will help you serve customers in different countries and your revenue will be higher.

There are many countries where people speak their native language. Check prices while booking travel packages or tickets. What if I skip the step of transferring the mentioned currency to local currency? It will be a huge deal for them. Reading the content in your software will help us understand your services and will keep us coming back to your software.

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