Early Childhood Learning With Classroom Rebuses


Do you remember rebus puzzles in school? When you place letters or words in certain positions, either one over the other or one slanted toward the other, you have created a rebus puzzle. Classroom rebuses have been proven to help early childhood Reading apps for early childhood and have helped to improve fluidity and comprehension. Using classroom rebuses children have to think outside the box and use critical thinking skills to achieve the solution of the puzzle. Once a child has learned basic letter and word identification, the rebus can be used to turn the reading lesson into a challenging and fun endeavor.

There are many sources for rebus puzzles and classroom rebuses can be created either by hand or by software programs that will create them for you. To create a rebus by hand you have to be pretty smart and creative. It is easy to solve the proposal if you think outside the box, but to critically think the creation of a puzzle is sometimes harder than one would think. A rebus puzzle maker that can make the puzzles for you is a handy tool for any classroom teacher or parent who needs an educational, fun pastime for the young ones.

A teacher spends a lot of time making lessons plans that will be challenging for the students but at the same time will make learning fun. Like word finds and crossword puzzles, children learn without even realizing it. In the special education classroom rebuses can be used as part of a reward system. If the child completes the assignment, a page full of rebus puzzles could be used as a reward to finish out the classroom time. The child will be busy while their classmates finish their assignments. The teacher can see that the puzzles are popular by the look on the children’s face when they solve the puzzle.

To save time the classroom teacher could create an entire package of rebus puzzles to use in the classroom for an entire year. By hand this would be tedious and overwhelming processes that even the most creative and enterprising teacher could not undertake. A classroom rebuses puzzle maker could easily complete this task in minutes instead of days. The teacher could simply put in the words that she or he wants to align with the lesson plan and let the rebus puzzle generator create hundreds of rebus puzzles for the teacher use at their disposal.

Classroom rebuses can not only be used for schoolwork, they can be used for fun. Parents are you tired of going on road trips with your children and have them be engrossed in non-educational activities like watching a DVD or playing a video game. With several sheets of classroom rebuses, you can keep your child entertained for hours without the video chaos in which most of our children live in today. Not only will they have fun solving the puzzles but they will also be honing their critical thinking skills and Reading apps for preschoolers skills at the same time.


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