Discover Two Tips That Will Keep Your Online Customer Engaged


Understanding how to keep your online customer engaged is an important aspect for both new marketers as well as industry veterans.

You might be interested to know that the most successful online marketers are not the people with the biggest list, best marketing strategy, or are the hardest working.

Successful marketers adhere to a couple important tips that keep their online customer engaged. Here are a few tips that I hope you find helpful.

Customer Engagement Tip #1Consistently deliver the same message and strategy

For example, imagine you are saying that you have a great system for generating online leads and earning money with blogs that involves fives steps. Over the course of your email marketing campaign you discuss the five steps and solutions that customers should use to be successful.

Now imagine a couple of weeks go by. You have built a relationship with your followers. All of a sudden you send a message talking about the seven steps for generating leads and making money. Your customers are going to be frustrated and discouraged with you because now you have changed the message and forced them to learn something new, when you originally said it would take five steps and now it takes seven.

Stay consistent with you message. Every time you change the message you stop growth because people need to learn something new, which is discouraging.

Keeping your message consistent will help alleviate some the issues with keeping your online customer engaged. However there are other creative things you can do to make sure your customers stay engagesmart with you. One such way is offer an incentive to your team.

Customer Engagement Tip #2: Offer a free product or service

Another tip marketers use to keep their online customer engaged, is to offer a free product or service. It could be an eBook or a training session you had done on a product or service.

Offering it for free will continue to build a relationship with your client and help your brand. People will be more willing to work with you if you offer them some items for free or on a trial basis.

Just remember that keeping your online customer engaged is critical to the success of your business. Your marketing list of potential customers is a gold mine and you don’t want your list to become disinterested in what you are doing.

Make sure you keep them engaged and I guarantee you will see more conversions from them in the future.

Hopefully these customer engagement tips will help you succeed in your online business. Now go out to market place with confidence and engage your customers.


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