Cross Platform Development – Few Most Popular Cross Platform Development Frameworks


Cross Platform Mobile App Development is very beneficial for any application developing company as well as for the users. It has many benefits like support from a large community of developers because cross-platform mobile frameworks are open source technology. It also simplifies the deployment and maintenance processes. Users can also have access to their apps from various places. It let the users connect to any database or Web service whereas for companies, it increases their sales/profits and augments their brands like never before. Furthermore, once the codes are written they could be used everywhere and thus, it saves a lot of development time, and companies can distribute the same app to a huge user base. It let developers achieve more diversity on different app development platforms, and they get the option of integrating native features of all smart phones/mobiles. Thus, user can purchase app once and use it on various mobile or web platforms that supports it

The pros of using cross-platform mobile app developments are as follow:

• With this development technique, developers can reuse the codes in various other projects rather than writing them time and again.

• It provides developers an easy access to plug-ins and modules that are simply to plug into other services or tools.

• It also has enabled web developers for developing mobile application based on iOS and Android platform. Now, they can easily use most of the frameworks which have open source technology.

• Companies or businesses do not have to hire a developer or team for every platform. They can easily target all platforms while getting apps developed on cross-platform.

• In addition to plug-ins and modules for specific functions, most of the cross platform frameworks also have the option of directly integrating with the cloud services.

• Deploying and compiling apps is much faster with this mobile app development technique.

Various categories of Apps with Cross Platform Mobile App Development include are News, Business, Utilities, Productivity, Finance, Games, Books, Media/Entertainment, Photo/Video, Travel, Health and many others.

Although very easy to handle while developing apps, these development frameworks, on the whole, are not yet a completely perfect and have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too solution. It still requires professional expertise and experience. Companies, with development centers and dedicated professionals, can do this job for you very conveniently and in an affordable budget.



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