Couples Counseling is Not Only For Married Couples


In today’s world it seems that the norm for unmarried couples is to run at the first argument and With so many talk shows and news channels focusing on all the negative things in the world today it’s no wonder couples counseling is not even thought of. So many shows on TV focus on domestic abuse that it scares a lot of people into constantly running from relationships instead of embracing them. We need to remember that some arguments are actually helpful to a relationship and does not mean that we have explosive tendencies.

Most of us are looking for a relationship of some kind, maybe for friendship, maybe for companionship without commitment, or maybe for a long term commitment that hopefully will result in marriage, whatever the reasons we are all looking. Once you find someone intresting, now is the time to nurture that relationship into something more permanent. Get to know the persons likes and dislikes and decide if this is someone you could have a deeper relationship with. Once you have decided then try to spend quality time with that person doing something that you both enjoy.

Once a relationship has started there can be many situations that try to get in the way. If you have a real commitment to your partner you should be willing to work through almost any differences. One of the most obvious ways is to sit down and try to talk about it. Of course we are all different and sometimes one of you may not be comfortable sitting down and talking between the two of you. Don’t be intimidated by this situation, it may just be telling you that now is the time to seek Trauma Counselling Vancouver.

Couples counseling comes in many forms and is not limited to just married couples. Think about a mutual friend and the possibility of getting them to talk with the two of you. Sometimes that is all it takes to ease the tension in the relationship and allow both parties to open up and express what the problem is. You can also start the counseling by talking to the friend one on one and then coming together as a couple to talk.

Another alternative is to talk with another couple, especially a couple who has been together for awhile. Normally a couple that has been together awhile has been through there own trials. Relationships are like being in business, if you surround yourself with successful couples, they tend to rub off on you.

A final alternative is to seek professional couples counseling. A professional is a neutral party that will not intimidate either side. They are not specific to married couples. Make sure that you and your partner agree on a time that is not intrusive to eithers schedule. This way neither side feels like they are the one that is having to give up something.

In closing I believe that all relationships are worth perusing in the beginning. If the relationship matures and both parties were happy at times in the relationship, then when a problem comes up, you should try to work it out and seek some couples counseling. The positive side to couples counseling is that even if the time has come for the relationship to end, the break up will be much less strained with counseling. If the relationship is meant to be, couples counseling could help you hang on to the best thing that ever happened to you.


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