China Import Business – Business Card Etiquette


China, just like any other country, values customs and culture. This is reflected even in their business world. They command respect and when they feel that they are being disrespected in any way, Chinese businessmen will forget all about you and the business that you wish to present to them.

If you are a budding entrepreneur and you wish to deal with Chinese suppliers for your import business, it is vital that you show them the respect they deserve at the very onset. Fact is, these businessmen study your gestures and simple things about you. And if you have decided on doing business with them, make sure that you meet their expectations. Business deals start at a very early phase that is the exchange of business cards. Most Chinese businessmen give much importance to the manner of giving out business cards. They are able to tell whether or not someone is talking serious business with them by merely judging on how they give and receive business cards.

Your business cards need not be fancy. It does not need to be scented or be printed in a variety of colors. Your business card must not defy its purpose. Make sure that all information about you and your business is found on your business card because this is all your potential Chinese suppliers need.

Print your business cards on double-sided cards. Print the information on one side in Chinese and the other in English. Doing this makes your card multi-lingual. Some Western names are difficult for Chinese locals therefore print unfamiliar names in simple Chinese characters.

It is essential for you to use both hands in giving or receiving a business card or a name card. Flicking or tossing the card might gravely offend your business partner. Once you have accepted a business card, take time to read what is written on the card. It would also be appreciated by Chinese businessmen if you ask about the information that is written on their card. This will make these foreign businessmen feel that you value them and that you want to know more about their business.

If you are meeting with a number of people from a certain company and everybody hands out their business cards, make sure that the card of the most superior importance among them stays on top.

Chinese businessmen value authority and they would expect you to value that too. The same is true when handing out your cards to them. Make sure that you hand the first card to the person who is of top rank. Doing business in China does not only entail actually making the operations possible. A few gesture of courtesy here and there will be highly appreciated. Getting the approval of your potential business partner deals solely on how you treat them.


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