Children’s magic – what to buy?


There are young magicians who want to buy them gifts that they will treasure for years to come. Where to start?

A cheap enchantment set is the wrong economy.

As a skilled Virtual Magician who entertains and teaches magic to children, we can guide you to find quality magic tricks suitable for children that will bring many hours of joy to your apprentice wizard! A pretty box from a kid’s magic set is so easy to buy right away, but take a closer look at the contents of the box and you’ll see that the cheap plastic tricks inside aren’t as carefully crafted as the box!

Most magic boxes are full of cheap plastic props and clumsy instructions. One reason for this is that manufacturers try to cheat a lot to give the illusion of value. Unfortunately in most cases this means that poor quality cheats will end up in the trash!

quality over quantity

There is an easy answer to this. Buy a quality magic trick, book or DVD rather than a box full of plastic! First, find out what the young magician’s interests and skill levels are, and whether he has a favorite field of magic, such as card magic or “street magic”. Whether they’re complete beginners or avid amateurs, you’ll find a magic they’ll cherish.

books and dvds

A good starting point is to look at the available books on witchcraft. These days there are very good quality magic books available to the general public that contain secrets that were only available to professionals a few years ago. Similarly, DVDs provide inspiration and show exactly how the magic of each can be expressed. If you’re trying to handle props at the same time, you have an advantage over a book!

Another benefit of seeing magic in action is that you can see how amazing the magic is before you find out the secrets. This is very important because once you see the secret, you can no longer see it as magic. This is where your young magician can learn that magic is all about how to perform each trick, not how it is performed.

Avoid tragedy and find magic!

If you want to buy tricks instead of books or DVDs, you need to make sure your child doesn’t already have them and you should definitely buy a good quality one. There are rules of thumb. seen the performance. Online magic stores have excelled at producing slickly crafted ads and videos that don’t actually show real examples of tricks. There is a simple solution. It’s a good idea to find amateur young magicians doing tricks on video sites like YouTube.

So the next time you see a pretty box with “100+ magic tricks”, avoid it and get something your apprentice magician will really love!

Children and magic are a winning combination as they are very happy to suspend their disbelief and join the mystery fantasy world that magic can create. I do magic tricks as magician Alexkazam and can advise young magicians on the best tricks to buy. Trust me. There’s nothing more magical than watching a young magician hone his magic skills!

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