Boiler Servicing – Why It Is Important


When you have problems with your boiler, it is not just an enormous inconvenience, but can in extreme cases be very dangerous. That is why it is imperative that you take gas engineer servicing seriously.

Most people take central heating and hot running water for granted, we only realise its worth when our boiler stops working properly. The easiest way to avert this from happening is to  service the boiler regularly, this will:

Save expenditure on repairs – Repairs to your boiler can be very expensive, inconvenient and time consuming; try imaging being without hot running water in the depths of winter and you’ll soon get the picture. By employing the services of a boiler servicing firm each year, preferably as summer draws to an end, you will pick up on and repair any minor faults before the problem escalates and becomes a full blown breakdown.

Regular boiler servicing will prevent carbon monoxide poisoning – Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless and tasteless gas that will poison you if it is allowed to build up in your home. A leak that goes undetected may not kill you, but it could give you a serious illness or brain damage if inhaled over a period of time. The Health & Safety Executive say that around twenty people die per year because of carbon monoxide poisoning, boiler servicing will detect any leaks and prevent this from happening.

Reduction in Fuel Bills – Regular servicing will make sure that the boiler in your home is running efficiently. This will have a positive impact on your fuel bills and also reduce carbon emissions. This will also have an impact if you are thinking about selling your home. A well maintained and efficient heating system through regular that boasts a boiler servicing history will attract buyers.

Ensuring your insurance is valid – as with any other household products your boiler will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. However, what you may not know is that the warranty is in most cases subject to a regular boiler serving plan. So, to avoid having to pay out for expensive repairs that you thought you’d be covered for, make sure you have a regular boiler serving plan in place.

Hiring a boiler engineer

It is imperative that you employ a qualified servicing engineer to carry out work on your boiler. For a gas boiler, ensure you hire a Gas Safe engineer for your boiler installation and servicing.

A typical gas boiler engineer will do the following:

Clean the:


  • Injectors/Burner(s)
  • Injector/Pilot(s)
  • Flue-ways, this will include the heat exchanger and draught diverter
  • Ignition Parts (these may be adjusted as well)
  • Flame supervision items
  • Boiler controls (these components will also be lubricated)


Repair the:


  • Gas leaks if any


Check the:


  • Gas connections
  • All seals and joints in the boiler
  • For clear signs of damage to the wiring
  • Flame control device
  • Open-flued boilers for signs of spillage


Re-set the:


  • Burner operating pressure setting to manufacturer instructions


If you would like to make sure your boiler is running safely and efficiently, helping you rest easy at night, knowing that you are saving money, keeping your home warm for all the family and avoiding any health and safety issues contact your local boiler servicing firm and arrange an appointment now.


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