All About Electronic Violins


Music can touch souls. It can take anyone to a different world. Music is magical. It lifts spirits and touches hearts. When we speak about music often the first thing that comes to mind is the violin. The gorgeous musical instrument can entice people when played. The beautiful mellow notes played by the strings of a violin can drive people crazy. This instrument with its wooden body is hollow and is an important instrument in an orchestra. These times with advancement in everything, how can you leave behind the humble violin? Electronic violins have entered the market and there are a good number of musicians opting for it.

One of the hardest instruments that one can amplify is the eastman violins. Ideally, one places the microphone about 3 feet and near your audience for great acoustic violin music. However, the problem lies when you have to play in a concert. You put a microphone and due to the background noise, it is impossible to hear the music of the violin. If you get the microphone closer, it is possible that even the crunch of the bow is audible. Hence, the solution is in the form of electronic violin. The feedback that you will get when you amplify the violin music will give you goose bumps!

Once you solve the issue of amplified sound and you have decided to go for an electronic violin, the next thing is to select the piece. Electronic violin comes in several different shapes. There is plenty of choice for you to select. You get such violins that are colorful, sleek, and modern in shape. There are violins made especially for left-handed musicians as well.

You can have a traditional violin that has an attachment for producing electronic music. In addition, you can get specially designed electronic violins. If you have an electronic violin, you could hear to what you are playing even on the headphones. One attaches headphones to the instrument thus you can hear what you are playing. So, when you practice or play for yourself, you can wear on the headphones and play silently. This way no one will be disturbed in case you have a problem in your neighborhood. This makes it possible for you to practice for as long as you wish to.

When you play the electric violin, the sound that emanates is very powerful. These sounds are impressive. However, not everyone will be interested in hearing your practice throughout. Moreover, with an electronic violin you will be able to enhance the rock and pop genre. Young music lovers of today are more interested in these two pieces of music. Due to the presence of an electronic violin, many young enthusiasts are entering the field and taking up music.

Do consider the following points while buying electronic violins:

1) Do you need a volume knob on your violin?
2) Are headphones your necessity?
3) Do you need the violin with a shoulder pad or you have one?
4) Will you be playing very high, so do you need a strong sound output?
5) Will you be comfortable playing a heavy violin?
6) What kind of sound effects will you need?
7) Will you be buying the violin with a case and bow?

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