A Career in Esthetics Never Looked Better


The ever-increasing demand for professional Estheticians presents endless opportunities for graduates from Esthetician Schools. You could practice esthetics in a spa, salon, on a cruise ship, in a fitness center, in a dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office. You could be an entrepreneur and own your own spa or salon, be a spa/salon manager, educator/trainer or coordinator, become a makeup artist, or a trainer or sales consultant of beauty products.

To become a full-fledged Esthetician, you typically must obtain a state-certified license. In some states, this means you first need a high school diploma or GED, but since licensing requirements vary, you should check on the regulations within your own state. In order to qualify for an exam, you generally need to attend an Esthetician School.

Esthetician students receive hands-on training in all technical aspects of professional esthetics Skin Care Specialist Course Virginia, with a strong focus on delivering great customer service, An Esthetician School traditionally offers everything from facials to massages, makeup application to body treatments. An Esthetician school may even offer additional courses in how to effectively sell products, and even business or marketing courses for those who want to run their own business.

You’ll learn various things like how to properly perform skin care services that dramatically enhance your clients personal appearance.

As an Esthetician, your thirst for knowledge should never end. Even as you gain valuable experience through your esthetics career, you should also take advantage of opportunities to attend further classes, designed to both broaden your skills and keep up with professional trends.

With convenient class locations as well as online learning, starting a career in the beauty profession can be lucrative and give you a recession proof opportunity. An education can provide you with the knowledge and range of skills necessary to function effectively in your chosen profession.



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